9 Data sets and examples

Arabesque provides several origin-destination flow data sets that are used either to illustrate the documentation or to serve as application cases for the DEMO section (these are accessible from the home page)

9.1 RIcardo Data set used in the documentation

9.1.1 RIcardo general description

RIcardo historical trade flows are used in the documentation and in the DEMO.

The files come from RIcardo, a research project on historical international trade flows,observed from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to the World War II. The project combines a historical trade flows database covering all countries of the world, see: github/medialab/ricardo_data with a website that offers to explore the history of international trade flows through visualizations, see: medialab/ricardo.

In order to produce the first cartographic/geovisualizations of this historical corpus describing trade flows, some dataset has been prepared by Paul Girard (Medialab, Sciences Po) and Béatrice Dedinger (Centre d’Histoire, Sciences Po) for collective handling and exploitation during the GEOWEB-gflowiz worshop organized during the SAGEO2019 conference (More information: geoweb-gflowiz-Sageo.

9.2 Datasets used for demonstration purposes

These data sets are available on the Arabesque home page, in the DEMO section: [arabesque/DEMO]!(http://arabesque.ifsttar.fr/)

9.2.1 Swiss Commuting

Data: Daily commutes in Switzerland (2014), Source: Swiss Federal Statistical Office

9.2.2 London Bike Sharing

Data: Number of trips between stations of the London’s Santander Cycle Hire Scheme in 2017. Source:Data London

9.2.3 French Commuting/Mobilités professionelles (MOBPRO)

Data: INSEE/MOBPRO Source: INSEE, 2018 Documentation : MOBPRO/Doc déplacements domicile - lieu de travail Recensement de la population - Base flux de mobilité.

9.2.4 French School Mobilities/Mobilités scolaires (MOBSCO)

Data: INSEE/MOBSCO Source: INSEE, 2018 Documentation MOBSCO/Doc déplacements domicile - lieu de travail Recensement de la population - Base flux de mobilité)